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        The Expo held a running battle swearing
        The author:admin  Source:本站  Time:2010-04-03 12:21:10  點擊:1867

        The April 1st news: "no, the Expo, and have succeeded in carrying out an assignment for!" In the operation of Chinese 2010 Shanghai World Expo Park was held this morning at the battle of the swearing in ceremony, the parties do Bo staff solemn oath, expressed strong confidence and determination to do Shanghai World Expo. The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Shanghai party secretary Yu Zhengsheng stressed at the swearing in ceremony, World Expo 184 day journey will be full of hardships and difficulties, will encounter many unexpected problems encountered before, have never encountered difficulties, but we firmly believe that as long as according to the Party Central Committee and the state Council, in accordance with the general secretary Hu Jintao a the target "," three "," six guarantees "the spirit of the instructions, we will be able to overcome all hardships and dangers on the road ahead, realize the goal of.

        The swearing in ceremony, Yu Zhengsheng to "create the vanguard" granted pennants, deputy secretary of Shanghai Municipal Committee of China and the municipal Party committee, deputy mayor Yang Xiong to the "striving for World Expo youth commando, Expo volunteers flag.

        Yu Zhengsheng said, "in 30 days, our long-awaited China, Shanghai, World Expo in 2010 will be opened.". For this day, for 8 years, from the central to the local, from the whole country to Shanghai, we have worked hard together to overcome many difficulties and achieve what many people think we can not do. On behalf of the World Expo organizing committee, the Executive Committee and the Shanghai Municipal Committee and municipal government, I wish to express my gratitude to the comrades who have contributed to the preparations for the World Expo.

        Yu Zhengsheng said, in World Expo, preparations for the operation, it is the first time for everyone, for many people, it is difficult to win glory for the motherland, encountered such a fight for the honor of national opportunity. Each of us should cherish this rare opportunity, treasure 184 days in every minute, every day as the most memorable moments in your life, glory for the country, for more honor for the Chinese nation.



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