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        Online trading management practices, opinions, open shop, not compulsory license
        The author:admin  Source:本站  Time:2010-04-03 12:22:22  點擊:1073

        Interim Measures for the management of online commodity transactions and related services drafted by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, yesterday, began to solicit opinions from the whole society. The way to get through the e-commerce platform set up shop sellers make a clear distinction between legal and natural persons into two categories, the former in the operation of the shop, are required to disclose the business license and other information in the page prominently and personally set up shop for many users, the "Interim Measures" only "with registration requirements, for the industrial and commercial registration according to law, not mandatory for business licenses.

        Individual seller files need to be registered

        Previously, some local industrial and commercial law enforcement departments promulgated regulations, requiring individual shop owner must also apply for business licenses. But in yesterday's "Interim Measures", the relevant provisions did not submit mandatory requirements. The natural person opens the net shop, only needs to submit the application to the network transaction platform service provider, and submits the name, the address and so on real name information. For those who do not have the conditions for registration of industrial and commercial registration, the platform service providers need to check and register their real identity information, and establish a registration file, regularly verify updates. At the same time, platform service providers are required to "have the obligation to make the other party (natural person) aware of and agree to the registration agreement" and draw the other party's attention obligation and liability clause". If the violation of the above provisions, the platform service providers in the rectification period is not corrected within the rectification period, will be sentenced to 10 thousand yuan and 30 thousand yuan fine.

        "These Regulations are not very different from the current regulations on mainstream e-commerce platforms."." Taobao relevant responsible person said, "we have very strict system in the seller identity information verification.". After the introduction of such regulations, some things clear better."

        Explicit accountability terms are recommended in the industry

        According to the reporter, users become Taobao sellers at the time of registration must sign the relevant user agreement, and this user agreement is the "Interim Measures" in the "platform service provider has the obligation to make each other to know and accept the registration agreement" refers to. However, at present, Taobao's user agreement has not been related to "industrial and commercial registration" terms.



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