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        The grand "frozen" investment company insider: buy copyright copyright for convenience
        The author:admin  Source:本站  Time:2010-04-03 12:23:17  點擊:16814

        Tencent (Lei Jianping Li Leshan) March 30th Francisco morning news, resourceful in the capital markets of Sheng Daji involved in network video, games, film and television, network literature and other fields, has quietly entered the film distribution of copyright.

        According to sources, the grand last year holding a low-key prime sun copyright distributors in six months time, and in buying a lot of film and television copyright, has become one of the largest film and television copyright.

        Grand low-key Insider: to facilitate the purchase of copyright

        It is understood that prime sun was founded in July 2009, is a cross media television program distribution company a professional. According to official data shows, this company is in new media market, the share of copyright and channel is as high as 80% above. Up to now, there are more than 30000 episodes of the exclusive broadcast of the classic film and television series. Many of them include the new HD drama "the dream of the Red Chamber", "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin", "journey to the west" and other hit plays.

        In spite of this, prime sun has been set up with him, until the grand and CCTV's China television network (CNTV) announced a partnership. An internal information technology Tencent exclusive access to the show, as a subsidiary of the grand prime sun and CNTV share in the copyright, copyright procurement and other aspects of cooperation, which is the prime sun publicly for the first time in front of the media.

        A source of science and technology Tencent said, as early as the prime sun was first established, it has been involved in the grand strategic investment and gain control. Previously, there has been no high-profile announcement of the news, mainly worried about the company's background exposure, is not conducive to large-scale purchase of copyright content.

        Quietly into the village, not a gun. Only an unknown small company, it is easier to buy film and television copyright, and not worried about the other side deliberately raise prices." The sources, Shanda has been low-key "frozen" holding the prime sun is to complete the video copyright, the layout of the field at a lower cost.

        It is worth noting that in the four months after the establishment of the prime sun, Shanda announced the acquisition of video website Cool 6 network. Last November 27th, Shanda Hurray announced with cool 6 merger, which became China Youzi company. Due to the existence of prime sun, cool 6 network to the Hulu mode "mysterious" transformation plan but also is a matter of course.

        According to insiders, the number of prime sun buy due to copyright has been very large, preliminary work has been done about the future, do not rule out the grand announced a high-profile capital structure of the company may.

        Grand Ambition: to build a more complete video industry chain

        From 2008 until the "free lunch", to the beginning of 2009 a few million hits, and now hundreds of hundreds of thousands of yuan a set, a few years Chinese television network copyright price has soared by dozens of times.

        However, according to the insider, although the market price of copyright alarming, but as the source of copyright institutions actually not much increase, the copyright distribution industry has become a major force to raise copyright prices. This is also a lot of Internet capital involved in the field of copyright distribution reasons.

        In addition, with the standardization of the domestic copyright market, many Internet Co are preparing for the rainy day. Especially for Chen, such ambition to do "network Disney" ambitious, if you do not get enough copyright content, the future layout may therefore be stretched.

        Prime sun appears, also let Chen Tianqiao in the video entertainment strategy in contrast: Shanda and Hunan radio jointly invested 600 million yuan to set up the Hua Ying Sheng, mainly engaged in film and television, variety and other content production, Hurray holding cool 6 network video website, is a consumer facing broadcast platform. And in between the two is the prosperous times of the sun, it plays the function of collecting and issuing intermediary film.

        Science and technology Tencent was informed that in 2010 the core goal is the prime sun, hit TV content for nearly 3-5 years, set up exclusive purchasing and distribution channel system.

        The main contents from the prime sun exclusive television CCTV CCTV, hualubaina, galloping horse, enlight, Asia TV, Hongkong world, South Korea KBS, South Korea MBC, the Political Department of the Nanjing military TV Art Center and other dozens of film and television content production company. Grand choice and CCTV CNTV cooperation, can also be regarded as Chen Tianqiao struggle for copyright resources as a means.

        Shanda does not study internet yet to crack down on Internet piracy

        "The future will copyright content distribution of prime sun to the Internet, and Internet cafes, cinemas, theme parks, new media and other terminal." The person who spoke on condition of anonymity said to Tencent technology.

        The grand tour in the country to have the theme park project, also has a cool 6 network resources on the Internet, copyright content will give priority to the future prime sun migration in these areas.

        For Internet cafes, cinemas and other markets, according to insiders said, do not rule out the grand drawing industry considerable controversy "network model", is a large-scale combat Internet piracy, and as a business model profit channel. However, prime sun is denied.

        Net Shang culture is one of the earliest copyright distribution companies in China, mainly engaged in copyright distribution and sales of related products. However, the net is still the first familiar with Internet users, but began a controversial Report CCTV CCTV late last year. According to last year's CCTV "economic half-hour" reported that the network is still an agent in Guangdong through large-scale prosecution of infringing Internet cafes, profits of up to one billion yuan a year.

        The commercial logic of the net model is: Internet cafes suspected of infringing



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