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        Facebook will take Zynga to push online dating service (map)
        The author:admin  Source:本站  Time:2010-04-03 12:23:52  點擊:8743

        Tencent Francisco (compilation / North) Beijing on April 2nd news, according to foreign media reports, Facebook will be held in the month of the F8 conference announced the launch of the name "Relationship" (the relationship) of new products, to join the game developers to get involved in the online dating market Zynga.

        The F8 conference is approaching, the major media have been previously exposed to new products and features many of the upcoming Facebook release, but "Facebook" is perhaps one of the most ambitious and most rivals are appalled.

        Facebook will place another place on the site specifically designed to help users find the right person. In the past four months, Facebook has been working with game developers Zynga to work together to develop "through social games training mechanism and promote the relationship between emotion and game player of the game, the two companies hope to use similar to the happy farm (Farmville) of the game to break the ice, let a player in the game and gradually expand the understanding of each other.

        Facebook in an article on the "relationship" product blog said, first of all, Facebook will according to the user's ex boyfriend / girlfriend personal files to analyze what kind of partner you love the most, at the same time to determine your preference looks and shape advanced image analysis technology with the help of will. In addition, Facebook specifically pointed out that these operations will be automated, and the company employees have no access to automatically generated user preferences report, in order to dispel concerns about personal privacy.

        The new "relationship" web site is divided into three areas, the top of which is "Flirts", where the most frequent interaction with your friends. In addition, Facebook now allows users to access their files View friends page number, it will cause the user's protest. Facebook says the open data is designed to let users know who is most infatuated with themselves. The "Games", which is next to the hit line, appears to be a game developed by Zynga.



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